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House of Ashwath

Design Approach

The House of Ashwath story, steeped in generations of hardware expertise, craved a new chapter. We envisioned their brand as a living entity, rooted in tradition yet blossoming with innovation. The majestic Ashwath tree, a symbol of enduring strength and growth, became their visual anchor. Our design expertise meticulously crafted its imagery, capturing its elegance and symbolism.

Next, we wove in a timeless serif font, reminiscent of family heirlooms and whispering of their rich heritage. To balance this, we introduced a vibrant moss green, reflecting the brand’s fresh perspective and connection to nature. This unexpected harmony wasn’t just aesthetically pleasing; it captured the very essence of House of Ashwath: a legacy reborn, where heritage met innovation.

Beyond aesthetics, we meticulously curated every element to evoke emotions. Hand-drawn sketches and carefully crafted prototypes became testaments to our design dedication, ensuring an impeccable experience for House of Ashwath and their audience. The final design wasn’t just a logo and colors; it was a story waiting to be told, a story where design became the medium for House of Ashwath’s unique blend of tradition and innovation.

House of Ashwath, a family steeped in hardware, sought to transcend their legacy. They envisioned transforming their expertise into bespoke interior “accents,” artistic expressions that elevate everyday spaces. Partnering with them, we embarked on a journey to capture this essence, crafting a brand identity that resonated with their heritage and bloomed into something extraordinary.

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